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2023 Revenue Channels

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Growth strategies are evolving; new revenue channels are key

Networks, processors, and software companies are uncovering new opportunities to generate millions in new revenue. Be the hero and empower your bottom line.

Check out recent thought leadership content and case studies focused on critical growth areas. Let us know how TSG can support your 2023 revenue goals.

Payments Monetization

Fueling Growth

Software companies can make 10x more revenue by monetizing payments in their systems than from software license fees alone.

We have partnered with ETA and RSPA to help educate software companies on the potential of payments. Beyond education, TSG is also helping these companies uncover the right opportunities to create new revenue and find partners. For example, TSG helped an ISV serving the manufacturing industry create $1.7M in new annual revenue.

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The B2B Payments Network

Transforming Payments 

With 80% of B2B transactions expected to be digital by 2025, B2B is pegged as the next frontier for the industry.

The space is quickly evolving, and recent M&A activity and partnerships highlight the importance of a go-forward B2B strategy. One key to capturing revenue is understanding how to optimize commercial card payments. For example, TSG helped Conservice, a billing company in the utility industry, realize a 10% increase in revenue over five years.

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