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2024 Cardholder Dispute Index

2024 Cardholder Dispute Index 01
The Surprising Stats & Hidden Incentives Behind Chargeback Increases

Banks, processors, and especially merchants are understandably concerned with the rising number of chargebacks. But do consumers share this concern? How do they view the transaction dispute process? Are they aware of the underlying consequences of filing a chargeback?

Based on a survey by Chargebacks911 and produced in partnership with TSG, the 2024 Cardholder Dispute Index offers a revealing snapshot of chargebacks and disputes from the perspective of thousands of cardholders. The report contains powerful data and impressions provided by consumers—from common misconceptions of the chargeback process to first-hand responses to everyday dispute scenarios—giving merchants the necessary insights to understand the true state of chargebacks in 2024, optimize dispute responses, prevent chargebacks, and recover revenue.

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Other topics covered include:
  • Cardholders’ understanding of the chargeback system
  • Why the growth of fraudulent chargebacks is out of control
  • Subscription billing models and how they may increase disputes
  • Chargeback filings broken out by gender, industry, and more
  • How banks are handling disputes and keeping customers happy

The 2024 Cardholder Dispute Index is now available as a free download. Get yours now, and start looking at chargebacks through your customers’ eyes.

About Chargebacks911

Chargebacks911 provides cutting-edge, highly-scalable SaaS solutions and specialized dispute management services to acquirers, card issuers, and large-scale merchants. The company’s dynamic technology platform and rich tactical data help decrease the negative impacts of chargebacks and disputes, thereby increasing customer retention and revenues.

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