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BitPay Lets Users Pay Bills With Crypto

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BitPay, the world’s largest provider of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency payment services, today announced the launch of BitPay Bill Pay, a new solution that allows cryptocurrency users to pay bills directly from their crypto wallets.

From credit cards and mortgages to car payments and personal loans, BitPay users can make payments to 5,000+ service providers.

BitPay Bill Pay is a convenient and secure option to pay off balances with practically any service provider directly from BitPay’s self-custody wallet application. Users download the BitPay app, automatically connect their bills, select their wallet and make payments. BitPay users can now use cryptocurrency to settle accounts, all without banks, wires or complicated conversion processes. BitPay Bill Pay expands BitPay’s already best-in-class crypto payment solutions, including its industry-leading crypto wallet application, payment processing, crypto debit card and browser extension.

“Paying everyday bills without a bank account is a monumental step for the crypto and unbanked community,” says BitPay CEO, Stephen Pair. “BitPay customers are some of the most prominent crypto spenders in the world, so we believe this will be a game-changing solution for both crypto users and service providers.”

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