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Blackhawk Network Selected by the State of California to Provide $100M in Digital Incentive Cards

Blackhawk Network

The State of California has launched its “You Call the Shot California” program, which encourages residents to begin and complete the COVID-19 vaccination process before the state plans to fully reopen on June 15. The first 2 million eligible Californians to start and finish the vaccination process will be given a choice of a $50 digital incentive disbursed by global payments provider and incentives leader Blackhawk Network.

The $100M program is one of the first of its kind in the US. Leveraging incentives provides recipients with popular rewards they will receive soon after earning—while helping drive flexible spending that contributes to the state’s economy.

“We recently conducted researchthat found monetary incentives—even modest ones—could be an effective option for encouraging vaccine adoption. Our data also showed that monetary incentives could inspire half of respondents to encourage their family members to get vaccinated,” said Talbott Roche, CEO and president of Blackhawk Network, a global payments provider. “The digital payment solutions we are providing to the State of California give Californians choice in incentives, more than one way to redeem and are available quickly.”

Blackhawk Network (PRNewsFoto/Blackhawk Network)