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BluePenguin Payments Announces Expansion of Partnership with Galileo

BluePenguin Payments

BluePenguin Payments, Inc., the fintech company created to automate and monetize the staggering $19 trillion North American business-to-business payments market, announced today an expansion of its partnership with Galileo Financial Technologies, the API-based payments platform that powers world-leading fintechs, financial institutions and commercial businesses. 

BluePenguin’s technology mission is simple – to build the next-generation B2B virtual payments platform. The clear choice was to partner with Galileo. Now, with COVID-19 forcing companies of all sizes to make major operating changes, business service providers must flex and adapt to a new normal. Galileo’s technology is eminently suited to an environment of rapid change.

“A modern accounting department with a remote workforce needs virtual payment solutions that quickly adapt and integrate to the new tools and processes the company puts in place,” said Steve Boyer, BluePenguin CEO. “Fintechs like BluePenguin must be more nimble than ever before. Galileo’s robust APIs give us the flexibility and agility to create entirely new solutions that couldn’t be contemplated with other issuing processors or B2B virtual card incumbents, with their inflexible legacy systems.”


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