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Boise’s Kount purchased by Equifax in large deal


Boise-based Kount will soon have a big new owner. Equifax announced it would buy the fraud prevention company for $640 million.

“The acquisition of Kount will expand Equifax’s differentiated data assets to bring global businesses the information and solutions they need to establish identity trust online, “Equifax CEO Mark W. Begor said in a news release. “Our data and technology cloud investments allow us to quickly and aggressively integrate new data and analytics assets like Kount into our global capabilities and bring new market-leading products and solutions to our customers.”

Equifax is known to consumers as one of the three major credit monitoring companies, but it owns a number of other businesses in the financial space.

Kount launched in 2007 in Boise, growing steadily over the years as a private company. It opened a new headquarters building in Downtown Boise in 2019. Investment firm CVC Capital Partners made a large $80 million investment in the firm in 2016.



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