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Consumer Travel Trends in 2024

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The global economy relies on tourism and travel spending to boost revenue, create jobs, and promote cultural exchange. Over the past few years, travel and tourism spending has been gradually increasing, approaching pre-pandemic levels. Demand for excursions is strong, with spending expected to reach record highs in 2024. However, some critical areas, such as airline purchasing, have yet to fully recover. If not addressed, inefficiencies in travel could hinder spending. 

Businesses need to understand their customers’ needs for payment acceptance to stay competitive in today’s market. It’s more important than ever for merchants to offer payment experiences that match consumer expectations, particularly for travelers. 

Based on a recent TSG survey commissioned by Discover® Global Network, we uncovered key trends shaping consumer travel behaviors. These findings show current behaviors and predict how trends may change in the future. 

Travel Trends in 2024

This report helps businesses understand

  • Travel Trends: Who is traveling this year? How long and where do they stay? Where are they traveling and why? 
  • Overcoming Travel Pain Points: What prevents consumers from traveling? Are they happy with their booking experiences? What concerns do they have about traveling and purchasing travel? 
  • Travel Payment Trends: What payment options do consumers prefer while traveling? How do they plan for payment method acceptance? 

By understanding and leveraging these insights, businesses can provide superior experiences that meet the evolving needs of travelers in 2024 and beyond. 

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The international survey of 1,800 consumers ages 18 and over was commissioned by Discover and conducted between December of 2023 and January 2024 by TSG (The Strawhecker Group). The maximum margin of sampling error was +/—5 percentage points at a 95% confidence level. The results relied on consumers’ self-reported travel behaviors and preferences, which included their age, gender, and location. 

  • This report is based on TSG’s Travel & Entertainment Trends survey commissioned by Discover® Global Network.  
  • Fielded Q4 2023—Q1 2024 
  • 1,800 total respondents 
  • Markets surveyed included North America (Canada, United States), Europe (France, Germany, Greece, Portugal, Spain, United Kingdom), Asia-Pacific (India, Thailand), and Oceania (Australia, New Zealand)