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Credit Cards Rewards Outlook For 2023 2023 Travel Predictions

Travelers are set to make 2023 a big year for getting out and exploring the world. Excited about the year ahead, has conducted extensive research to reveal the travel trends of 2023, including where travelers want to go, their inspirations for traveling, and how budget plays a big role in their plans.

2023 will be the year of reimagining travel

As the world adapts to “the new normal” following a period of limited international travel and national lockdowns, travelers are eager to get out and see the world in earnest.

As travel restrictions and Covid testing become a thing of the past, research reveals that 73% of people are more optimistic about travel than they were in 2022. While we head into 2023 in the midst of global economic and political uncertainty, almost three-quarters (72%) said traveling is still worth it.

For many, a change of scenery and a chance to soak in some sun is enough of a reason to go on vacation. However, 2023 is likely to see a shift in why we’re looking to get away, as well as the types of vacations we take.

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