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Devasting Tornadoes Impact Omaha, NE 

How you can help the community and those impacted

Last Friday, Omaha, the city that TSG calls home, was struck by a series of devastating tornadoes. 

A violent supercell produced ten separate funnel clouds – one a mile wide – leaving a 50-mile path of destruction over eastern Nebraska, destroying or damaging more than 500 homes.

Incredibly, there were limited injuries and only one fatality, thanks to exceptionally accurate weather forecasting and warning systems.

Almost immediately, an army of volunteers appeared to help victims start to pick up their lives.

Image by Miles Springer

For those of you who have experienced the wrath of tornadoes, you understand the capricious nature of this unique weather event. One house is ripped from its foundations, while the home next door is left without a scratch. Demonstrating the terrifying effect of 200+ mph winds, a street sign in Elkhorn was ripped from its post and found 30 miles away. 

Despite the destruction, we are happy to report that the TSG Team escaped unscathed. Thank you for the many expressions of concern we have received this week. Those who reached out have asked how they could assist – the following are a couple of opportunities to support those impacted: 

PS: If you are planning to attend Warren Buffet’s Berkshire Hathaway annual meeting in Omaha this weekend, do not worry – the city and the airport are open for business.