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EMS Expands Service Offerings By Taking a Majority Stake in Paysley

Digital Transactions

Paysley, which offers several monthly service plans to merchants for prices starting at $15, works with an undisclosed number of processors and merchant acquirers to reach merchants. Neistadt says that until now EMS had not been a direct user of Paysley, though it did have access to its services through a third party. He says EMS became interested in investing in the company because of the “people involved, we liked their strategic direction, [and] they will continue to grow.”

Neistadt expects Paysley will help EMS solidify its relationships with merchants. EMS is a Top 100 U.S. merchant processor by dollar volume, according to rankings by The Strawhecker Group, a payments-industry research and consulting firm. “The idea here is to combine the physical world with the virtual world. We believe ‘omni-channel’ is not a buzzword. Whatever is required to offer merchants a full suite of business services, Paysley is in the process of developing.”