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eReports Subscription

Does your company need access to multiple eReports? Tap into TSG’s thought leadership with an eReports subscription, which provides direct insight into the payments industry, existing and new players, products, services, global insights, and emerging trends.

“TSG’s eReports Subscription provides timely, credible insights for our team. We always look forward to the next release.”

Ivy Boehm / VP, Market Insights, Merchant Services, JPMorgan Chase & Co.

Free Report – BNPL: Key Trends & Attitudes

This 59-page report provides a detailed look at BNPL and is an excellent example of the breadth of TSG’s research.

Your eReports. Now.

An eReports subscription is key for any company that touches the industry. Card networks, merchant acquirers, payment gateways, payment processors, technology providers, and private equity firms (to name a few) have all found unparalleled value. Reach out to start your subscription today.

  • Exclusive Insights: The majority of eReports published by TSG’s Market Intelligence team are exclusive to subscribers
  • High Subscriber Retention: With a rate of over 95%, TSG’s eReports subscription provides unparalleled value year after year
  • Cost-Effective: TSG’s subscription offsets the cost of purchasing multiple one-off reports to provide access to everything you need when you need it

Subscription Highlights

All subscriptions start with access to the eReports currently listed in TSGShop. Following this, subscribers can expect to receive 20+ reports annually covering a wide array of relevant topics. Other subscription highlights include:

Website Portal

Subscribers are provided with credentials to access a frictionless website library to download eReports. Additionally, the portal can notify users as new content is released.

Company-wide Access

TSG’s subscription is a company-wide license (not single-use). Subscribers are encouraged to utilize internal Knowledge Centers to disseminate content further and increase employee knowledge.

Extensive Research

All TSG eReports are built from the synergies of extensive primary/secondary research and the teams’ years of industry expertise. Subscribers can leverage this intelligence to support a wide range of strategic decisions.

On-Demand Hours (Optional)

TSG’s subscription may include an optional allocation of 60 ‘On-Demand’ research hours. This provides flexibility and speed allowing clients to engage TSG without the delay of a formal proposal and payment process.