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Fintech firm Klarna says 90% of its employees are using generative AI daily


Swedish financial technology company Klarna said Tuesday that nearly 9 out of 10 employees in its 5,000-strong workforce are now using generative artificial intelligence tools in their daily work.

Klarna, which lets individuals split their purchases into interest-free, monthly installments, said over 87% of its employees are using generative AI tools, including OpenAI’s ChatGPT and its own internal AI assistant.

The biggest users of generative AI in the company are those in non-technical groups, such as communications (92.6%), marketing (87.9%) and legal (86.4%), Klarna said.

At those rates, Klarna is seeing much higher adoption of generative AI within the company than in the broader corporate world.

According to a survey by consultancy firm Deloitte, 61% of people working with a computer use generative AI programs in their day-to-day work — sometimes without their line manager being aware.

Klarna has its own internal AI assistant, called Kiki.

According to the firm, 85% of all its employees now use Kiki, and the chatbot now responds to an average of 2,000 queries a day.

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