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FIS Named Best-Performing Payments Gateway for Second Consecutive Year by The Strawhecker Group in its 2021 Real Transaction Metrics Awards


Financial technology leader FIS® announced that its U.S. eCommerce Platform has been named the best-performing payments gateway for the second straight year by The Strawhecker Group (TSG) in its 2021 Real Transaction Metrics Awards.

The Best Performing Gateway award is based on TSG’s Gateway Enterprise Metrics (GEM) Index, an overall scorecard for gateway metrics based on five key areas (gateway minute outage, gateway uptime, transaction speed, transaction success rate, and authorization rate). The GEM platform uses pings and real merchant transactions to monitor each gateway’s performance across 20 different global locations.

FIS’ U.S. eCommerce Platform received The Best Performing Gateway award based on its exceptional performance across transaction and gateway check benchmarks. The FIS eCom Platform also won runner-up for highest gateway uptime.

Additionally, FIS’ Access Worldpay gateway won TSG awards for the highest rate of successful authorizations and the highest gateway uptime, and the FIS Express gateway was runner-up for Best Performing Gateway and for processing the fastest transactions.

Performance data was assessed across more than twenty industry leading payments providers for six consecutive months (July to December 2020) to determine the Real Transaction Metrics Awards.

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The Strawhecker Group (TSG) is pleased to recognize a selection of payment gateways for their exceptional performance across several key areas, critical to a successful payment platform. Learn more about the awards.