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Five Content Pieces on Payments We Enjoy

Content We Like 06

Why it matters 

We’ve all come across poorly written content marketing that lacks helpful insights, is confusing, or is too lengthy. Content that drives readers to the right decision fosters a healthy payments ecosystem. Recognition belongs to fact-based, audience-tailored content that is clear to read and establishes thought leadership.  

What stood out 

> Boost your business with the best ways to get paid 

Company: (Visa) | Format: Article 

Why we like it 

This article succinctly demonstrates the benefits of digital payments, covering key methods and channels for businesses, including a section on the growing area of subscription billing. It’s an easy read filled with data-backed education on payments that includes market research from TSG. 


> B&B HOTELS: Driving business growth through payments 

Company: Adyen | Format: Customer story 

Why we like it 

This ~1,000-word piece covers core areas that will resonate with hotels, like system centralization and market expansion. Adyen highlighted how B&B Hotels was able to get a single view of guest activity, preferred payment methods by region, and an option for self-check-in. Two prominent quotes from the client drive the message home. The piece also adds tangibility with pleasing pictures of the hotel chain. 

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> The Entrepreneur’s Studio 

Company: Heartland | Format: Resource website 

Why we like it 

Heartland has created a multifaceted resource hub for aspiring and current entrepreneurs. Complete with a podcast, articles, and even a self-guided education course. Topics cover making a business plan, registering a business, business credit, and more. There are over 40 editions of the video podcast series, hosting guests like former NFL player Tim Tebow and celebrity chef, Aaron Sanchez. 

Image 3

> The role of brands: empathy in uncertain times 

Company: PayPal | Format: Infographic 

Why we like it 

This piece highlights merchants displaying consumer empathy, mixing in stats with use cases. For example, in response to an increase in cost consciousness among consumers, PayPal highlights how a French supermarket chain created an “anti-inflation button” to help consumers find lower-cost products. PayPal’s content is simple, insightful, and has clear calls to action. 


> How to design an ecommerce checkout page that converts more sales 

Company: Stripe | Format: Article 

Why we like it 

Stripe’s content simplifies complex concepts and often has helpful links to other resources. This piece explains website checkout pages and best practices for optimization. The article uses helpful bold text, lists, and section breaks to break down the concepts. In general ‘how to’ material generally performs well, and this is an insightful example. 

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Elevate your brand 

Each of the examples provides something of value in a clear fashion. They shine a light on the importance of content that speaks to a target audience or use case. 

Geography, vertical, account size, sales channel, and more impact a merchant’s point of view. Fresh perspectives from your target market should be regular fodder to help you build content. 

Here are two examples: 

  • One of our surveys showed that North American service merchants are challenged with untimely payments, incomplete payments, and poor invoice communication. They can benefit from content that highlights embedded invoicing tools with robust tracking ability. 
  • Our AIM analytics platform shows that chargebacks for MCC 5021 – office & commercial furniture are 6x higher than MCC 7622 – electronics repair. Content on fraud/chargebacks may need different perspectives for each MCC. 

Build your thought leadership with us. Our in-house research, writing, and design team is ready to elevate your brand with original, payments-focused content tailored for your audience.  

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