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Game-Changing Opportunities for SaaS Providers

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Software and payments have proven to be a winning combination. At an increasing rate, SaaS companies are starting to bring financial services into their ecosystems. In fact, software companies can make 10x more revenue by monetizing payments than from software license fees alone.

In light of ETA’s TRANSACT conference this week, we are highlighting recent thought leadership created in collaboration with ETA. Take the opportunity to learn how the role of software is changing the industry:

[Infographic] Level Up Revenue →

Take revenue to the next level by monetizing payments – this infographic illustrates different models to consider for achieving success.

[Article] Game-Changing Opportunities →

An overview of options – this article looks at services to offer, models to adopt, and partners to support on the path to success.

[Interview] ETA’s CEO Talks Software →

ETA is all in on embedded – in this interview, Jodie Kelley talks about TRANSACT, software, legislation, and more.

Software Survey Quick Hits

  • Among the top three payment service providers used by software providers represented in a TSG survey, the average NPS score from the community was 84. The lowest three payment service providers scored an average of 38.
  • 30% of software providers were prompted to leave their PSP because of poor customer support
  • 91% of software providers that currently have an embedded banking solution said it was very or extremely important to their business
  • 10% of software providers board merchants to their processing partner via API

Are you looking to survey your software providers or independently collect feedback from players in the market? TSG’s PaymentsPulse delivers actionable insights in an easy-to-digest format.

Monetization is Key

Software companies can monetize payments from their merchant customers, creating a valuable revenue stream while strengthening customer relationships. For example, TSG helped an ISV serving the manufacturing industry create $1.7M in new annual revenue.

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