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Global Experience Monitoring (GEM)

Your Performance. Now.

How does your payment gateway stack up against the competition? GEM is the only platform that benchmarks experiences from the merchant, developer, and technical perspectives.

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Client Success

GEM subscribers use information daily to monitor and improve performance versus the market and ensure they are winning:

  • Champion vs. Challenger: Following an acquisition, or during the technology building phase, companies leverage GEM to proactive benchmark performance
  • Maintaining SLAs: Gateways utilize GEM as a credible third-party to prove performance and ensure SLAs are met
  • Management Perspective: GEM is an unbiased set of eyes on your platform ensuring optimal performance is the top priority
  • Touch-Point Monitoring: Connect the dots between payment networks, merchants, and everything in-between to avoid pitfalls and lost revenue

What Does GEM Do?

GEM asks the questions of your gateway operation that challenge received wisdom, remove the danger of assumption and deliver genuine business awareness to the management team.

GEM enables you to be client centric in thought and deed, improving their experience and your revenues.​

  • Protects your customer relationships
  • shows how users see you
  • Highlights poor experiences before you hear about them
  • Exposes real world operational issues – outside in

Proactive experience monitoring with GEM can result in a 4 month longer merchant relationship.

Learn what makes TSG unique in its approach

Global Experience Monitoring (GEM)

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Experience and Benchmark Monitoring

GEM is the only platform in the market that benchmarks experiences from the merchant, developer and gateway performance perspective. Current subscribers account for an estimated 62% of all payment gateway volume in the U.S.

Developer Experience

Understand the ease of your API set, Dev Tools, sandbox, and gateway integration.

Performance Experience

Know what cardholders are experiencing with real transactions from 30+ global locations 24/7/365.

Technical Experience

TruMonitor can help you avoid pitfalls, lost revenue, poor customer experiences, and reputational harm.


TSG’s robust assessment of our gateways provided great feedback which we used in our efforts to continuously improve and enhance our API. Using this as a guide has helped us make critical enhancements.

Nicole Jass SVP of Product, Growth Solutions, FIS

Since joining GEM we have worked closely with TSG to make tangible adjustments. The GEM team has helped us better understand and improve our platforms and integrations.

Chief Product Officer, Elavon

TSG’s GEM platform has proven to be extremely valuable in benchmarking our offerings from both a merchant and developer perspective.

Senior Software Engineer, JPMorgan Chase & Co.

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