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Mark Waring Joins TSG as Senior Associate

TSG has announced the addition of Mark Waring to its team as Senior Associate. Waring has over 30 years’ experience in the payments industry spanning across the globe.

Waring is a recognized leader for initiatives that improve customer profitability, development of innovative products, and launching in new markets. At TSG, Waring will be involved in many areas, including product design and go-to-market plans, project management, international markets, global emerging markets, mobile network wallets, cross border and foreign exchange, as well as processor and payment facilitation expertise.

Prior to joining TSG, Waring held executive positions at First Data and PayPal. In his most recent efforts, he led the design, development, and launch of a mobile financial services app in Africa. It was the first such app completed by a company that was not a mobile network provider. It required expertise on how to set up basic payment rails, designing customer-friendly mobile app journeys, presenting and gaining regulatory approvals, and ensuring transaction integrity and security.

Waring has led initiatives globally in the U.S., Latin America, Canada, Africa, Asia, Europe and Australia. These efforts required a broad understanding of markets, revenue models, ecosystem practices and multiple levels of regulations. Additionally, Waring has led discussions with foreign regulators and card networks and has developed and led payments education sessions for private equity and other investors.