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Mastercard expands Engage partner network


The Mastercard Engage partner network helps connect customers with technology partners to build innovative guest checkout and point-of-sale solutions that deliver consumer choice

Mastercard continues to enable greater payments acceptance, nearly doubling its number of acceptance locations to more than 90 million in the last five years. Today, Mastercard is enhancing the Mastercard Engage partner network to include agile technology providers that can quickly deploy innovative merchant acceptance solutions, offering secure, frictionless and convenient ways to pay.

As consumers and businesses increasingly expect a wider range of payment options, Mastercard is working across the ecosystem to offer more payment choice and flexibility, including scaling Click to Pay, Secure Card on File and Mobile Point-of-Sale (MPOS) solutions. The technology providers in the Engage network offer a variety of acceptance capabilities – from end-to-end payments capabilities and data-driven insights to artificial intelligence and beyond – and Mastercard customers can select the partner that best meets their needs to swiftly bring innovative acceptance solutions to market.

In today’s fast-paced world, e-commerce is continuing to grow at an accelerated pace – and that also means more potential for fraudulent activity. To reduce fraud and offer a more convenient online shopping experience, Click to Pay secures transactions using tokenization (replacing a card’s primary account number with a unique alternate card number or token) and eliminates the need to manually enter your card details every time you shop online. Cards stored in your merchant profile are also tokenized through Secure Card on File, which enables fast, secure payments every time you check out online – your credentials are also updated automatically if your card expires or gets lost. Using Click to Pay together with Secure Card on File enables merchants to extend the security benefits of tokenization across all of their checkout experiences, enable more successful transactions and make it simple for ‘guest’ shoppers to register their card details to reduce friction in the future.

The seamless, convenient experience of paying online should also be consistent with the experience of paying in-store. By eliminating a merchant’s need for traditional terminal hardware, MPOS solutions enable payment acceptance anywhere in-store – simply and quickly. Businesses of all sizes can turn their smartphone or tablet into an acceptance device to provide shoppers with best-in-class contactless payment experiences, including Tap on Phone.