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More Than a Checkout Tool: PayPal’s App Ties in Discounts And Rewards More Tightly

Digital Transactions

PayPal Holdings Inc. has been on a drive for some time to reinforce consumer engagement with its products, and early Monday it launched its latest gambit to spur interactions with its still relatively new app. The so-called super app, launched a year ago, now includes a direct connection with Honey, PayPal’s discount aggregator, in a bid to move users to see the app as more than a tool at checkout.

“PayPal Rewards will make it simpler for PayPal consumers to earn rewards through a unified and easy-to-use rewards platform where they can access their cash back savings and other PayPal Rewards points, all in one location within the PayPal app,” a spokesperson tells Digital Transactions News.

The effort to get users to see PayPal as more than simply a checkout tool has been a top priority for the company’s top management for some time, with user engagement a closely monitored statistic. The San Jose, Calif.-based payments giant is starting to see results. In August it reported its transaction count in the second quarter had grown 16% year-over-year, to 5.5 billion.