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Newest Personal Finance Data Study Looks at How Much Americans Have Spent and Saved Last Year, Despite Lingering Debt

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 Upgraded Points shared the results of a recent survey that delves into the spending habits of average Americans, from credit card expenditures to how much people have managed to save over the last year despite rising inflation. The study looked at credit card purchases, frequency of use, age/gender of cardholders, card benefits, banks most cardholders use, how often cardholders miss payments, and other interesting financials.

Study Methodology

Upgraded Points surveyed 1,000 Americans from varying demographic and socioeconomic groups, asking questions on topics ranging from credit card usage, saving and budgeting habits, which purchases should be put on hold due to lingering debt, and more.

The personal finance experts also created an interactive calculator that allows users to see exactly what they could afford to purchase if they had the cash-on-hand equal to their debt. From small treats like cocktails and coffee to indulgent luxury expenses like a two-week trip to Europe or a new car down payment.