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Now Available: Merchant Acquiring Pricing Strategy

merchant acquiring pricing strategy

Guest Authored by Poonam NathThe Merchant Acquiring Pricing Strategy Primer: The Emergence of Value-Added Services eReport provides a fundamental understanding of Value-Added Services (VAS) and their increasing importance in becoming a primary differentiator in a payments industry that finds competitors becoming increasingly similar. learn more at tsgshop

Through a multipronged effort of first identifying opportunities where added value can be provided to merchants followed by determining how these services can be effectively and attractively priced, entities competing in the payments industry can create a differentiated sticky market offering.

Key Takeaways from The Merchant Acquiring Pricing Strategy Primer

  • Product differentiation through adding value-added services
  • Differentiation of common value-added services between competitors through simple to understand ‘out of the box’ pricing
  • Roadmap to effectively identify and implement desired value-added services
  • How value-added services are being successfully implemented and utilized as revenue drivers in the market today

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