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Now Available: Tablet POS (Smart Terminal) Competitive Snapshot

This new eReport serves as a guide to understanding the evolution of the tablet POS market along with the pros and cons associated with a proprietary versus an open system. More importantly, the report provides an analysis on the competitive landscape with a focus on tablet POS offerings by the top acquirers, tablet POS strength by industry and tablet POS strength by feature.

The competitive section identifies 14 top tablet POS players and provides an overview of their customer focus, pricing, associated card processors, cloud-based features along with their associated strengths and weaknesses.

The report can act as a strategic tool at higher levels within your organization to understand the dynamics of each player to assist in partnership planning or for M&A workouts. The report can also be leveraged to educate front-line personnel such as sales teams to enable them to position their tablet solutions more effectively in the market versus the competition.

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