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Now Available: U.S. Merchant Acquiring: Pricing & Attrition Focus

This highly valuable report answers the most pressing questions that surface in the merchant acquiring community.

The report offers expert insight and exclusive data (nearly 25 charts/figures) on several key areas of the acquiring space including:

  • Industry attrition with a focus on the SMB segment
  • Expected future margins for ISOs and acquirers
  • Competition and customer acquisition costs
  • The identification of what merchants are seeking in a payments processor
  • A look at the ISO competitive landscape
  • Analysis on the future interchange fees

All segments have been further sliced and diced by merchant tier size, industry vertical and sales model to provide an unparalleled look into these pressing questions. Data provided is derived from TSG’s proprietary data warehouse, which holds over 7 years of data on over 3.5M card-accepting merchants.

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