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On-Demand Intelligence

Do you need data and insights immediately? Quick access to vital data and expert insights, without the red tape of procurement, is crucial for a company to get ahead of the competition and fine-tune strategies.

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Quick Access to Data and Insights

No matter your time zone or need, On-Demand hours provide flexibility and speed, allowing clients to engage TSG without the delay of a formal proposal and payment process.

Use Case

Clients across the globe typically enjoy using available hours for:

  • Custom research/market intelligence
  • Industry education
  • Virtual consultation
  • Buy/sell support
  • Assessments (strategy, business, sales, technology, etc.)


  • TSG’s team of subject matter experts regularly handle client requests covering well over fifty key areas of focus throughout the payments industry
  • TSG’s full-service Market Intelligence team can provide the timely support needed through extensive primary and secondary research, unmatched in the global payments industry
  • TSG has advised over 1,000 clients from Fortune 500 leaders to more than a dozen of the world’s most valuable brands


TSG’s expertise provided new insights and education around the merchant acquiring space, while the benchmarks conducted highlighted data sets that no amount of advice would have uncovered.

Angela Lim former Senior Director, Visa Worldwide