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PayCertify launches new merchant services system to reduce chargeback losses and maximize online revenue

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PayCertify, an online payment processor for the eCommerce, healthcare and hospitality sectors, announced its partnership with dispute management specialist, Chargebacks911. The collaboration has been established to deliver a complete chargeback management and mitigation system for PayCertify. As such, its online merchants will benefit from assistance in preventing, managing and recovering lost revenue due to chargebacks.

Chase Harmer, CEO of PayCertify, commented: “Chargebacks are never a good thing for online merchants. They’re destructive, take valuable resources away from real business growth opportunities, and cost businesses millions every year.

“Managing chargebacks has become even more critical to businesses these days, given the global pandemic situation and the uncertainty that has come with it. That’s why we’ve chosen to partner with the industry leader in chargeback mitigation, Chargebacks911, to support our merchants and protect them from the financial losses resulting from chargebacks and issues with an order.”


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