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Payments Analytics Month - Recap

Throughout October, TSG released content to highlight the strategic importance of using analytics to enhance decision making while providing payments industry players with a variety of powerful data.

Thank you to our subscribers for the impressive readership throughout ‘Payments Analytics Month’. In case you missed a release, please see the following recap:


  • Week 1: Acquiring Industry Metrics
    • Week 1 illustrated a selection of vital data-points from TSG’s AIM platform
    • Topics included: Digital Goods Vs. Retail, new merchant rates, attrition and growth, and merchant life by state
  • Week 2: Gateway Enterprise Metrics
    • Week 2 illustrated a selection of vital data-points from TSG’s GEM platform
    • Topics included: Gateway account boarding, SMB eCommerce growth rates, mystery shopping, and real transaction metrics
  • Week 3: TSG Research Insights
    • Week 3 illustrated a selection of various research findings from TSG
    • Topics included: US card present and online spending, merchant acquirer market share of volume, ISV acquiring relationships, mobile wallet usage, on-demand delivery market insights, and info on cloud-based POS terminals
  • Week 4: Fintech
    • Week 4 illustrated a selection of fintech-focused content from TSG
    • Topics included: The Internet of Things (IoT), the evolving customer purchasing journey, and Google Search trends of select mobile wallets
  • Week 5: Halloween Data
    • Week 5 illustrated a selection of ghoulish Halloween related content pulled from TSG’s AIM platform
    • Topics included: Zombie merchant impact over time and forecasted variety store same-store-sales