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Payments Industry Q1 M&A Recap

The payments industry saw nearly 40 M&A deals in Q1 2022; significant focus on ISOs and ISVs. Catch up with TSG’s Q1 TransactionWatch Special Edition

The past quarter maintained steady M&A activity across specialty ISVs, fintech platforms, and regional ISOs:

  • More entities explore and bet on companies with growing market potential. Examples of this include BNPL providers gaining increased exposure and popularity, which was apparent when Zip announced their acquisition of Sezzle in February for approximately $356 million.
  • Q1 saw strategic growth efforts through the purchases of ISOs and their merchant portfolios. In total, nearly ten ISO acquisitions were announced, including Celero Commerce’s acquisition of OMEGA Technology which has helped elevate their portfolio to over 50,000 merchants and approximately $20 billion in annual card volume.
  • ISVs are continuing to gain the attention of payment providers as they offer a unique position in the market. Through ISVs, payment providers can extend their reach to new merchants and offer an integrated payments experience.

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