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Payments Monetization

Does your company have software that processes transactions that leaves you wondering about becoming a payments provider? TSG has helped hundreds of software companies drive revenue in payments.

Case Study: Revenue Driven Payments

Learn how TSG’s monetization process helped an ISV and two SaaS providers drive revenue.

Navigating Payments

Contrary to what many payment experts will say, there are various ways to monetize payments with differing models, each with its own set of rules/regulations, risks, and rewards. TSG can help clients identify and assess needs and provide support, such as:

  • How to become a payments player
  • Payments education
  • Benchmarking data
  • Revenue and pricing strategies
  • Risk/Underwriting review and compliance audit
  • Operational review and audit
  • Legal, compliance, and audit advisory
  • Strategic roadmap (sponsors selection, RFP)
  • Supplier RFP, vendor recommendations
  • Technology audits and gap analysis

Drive Growth with the Monetization of Payments

The continuous adoption of integrated software solutions among business owners has created a large opportunity for independent software vendors (ISVs). Effectively implementing payment processing capabilities can ultimately allow ISVs to monetize payment volumes through their platform, which helps drive revenue and increase overall market valuation.


TSG has serviced leading software companies and is well-positioned to build out your go-forward plan while helping you avoid barriers to entry. TSG can assess your current situation, review relationships, and develop a roadmap to your financial and operational objectives.

Industry Contacts

TSG knows the providers and can pinpoint the appropriate partner to create a cohesive solution for you and your customers. Blaze a new trail with an experienced guide that will reduce complexity, speed up implementation, and maximize your investment.

Comprehensive Data

TSG’s AIM platform provides access to dynamic market data to drive pricing strategies, understand the competitive landscape, and achieve higher profitability.