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PayPal Apologizes for Threat of Fines Over ‘Misinformation’


PayPal is apologizing for what it says is “confusion” over a new policy that threatened to fine customers and merchants for sharing what the company determined to be misinformation.

According to multiple media reports Monday (Oct. 10), the company has said the new policy was an error, following a weekend of criticism and calls on Twitter for users to “Delete PayPal.”

Among the critics was David Marcus, PayPal’s former president, who tweeted that the company’s new Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) was “insanity.”

“PayPal’s new AUP goes against everything I believe in,” he wrote. “A private company now gets to decide to take your money if you say something they disagree with.”

A PayPal spokesperson told PYMNTS that the company sent the AUP notice out in error, and that it included incorrect information.

“PayPal is not fining people for misinformation and this language was never intended to be inserted in our policy,” the spokesperson said. “We’re sorry for the confusion this has caused.”