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Playter, the Leading SME B2B Buy-Now-Pay-Later launches new product - Playter Paid

Cicison PR Newswire

Playter, the UK’s leading provider of B2B Buy-Now-Pay-Later for SMEs, is once again shaking things up in the world of alternative lending, with its newest credit offering, “Paid“. Playter’s mission to help SMEs release cash flow for growth and investment by offering flexible financing, continues apace with the addition of Paid.

Playter’s clients can now offer their own customers extended BNPL payment terms of up to 12 months, in a win-win scenario helping drive sales representatives to close deals by allowing customers to settle invoices in manageable monthly installments, whilst getting paid in full and on time, creating liquidity and opportunity for growth.

The launch of Paid is a key part of Playter’s plan to create the comprehensive credit platform which already allows SMEs to access up to £1,000,000 of funding to drive growth and success. As the newest string to its bow, Paid enables users to combine both Playter Pay and Playter Paid as part of a 360 degree financing toolkit, spreading outgoing bills, whilst being paid for their receivables instantly.

CEO of Playter, Jamie Beaumont, states – “The introduction of Playter Paid gives SME’s the option to not only split any bill they owe, but also to offer flexible payment terms alongside any invoice they issue. By combining this with our ‘Pay‘ product, we can now offer a 360 degree funding service which means that SME’s can use clever credit to both increase revenues through customer acquisition whilst decreasing cash outflow by never having to pay an invoice up front ever again, removing many cashflow worries for business owners in a tough economic market.”

A welcome addition to its original product Playter Pay, which allows bills owed to be split, Playter Paid turns the tables and puts suppliers in the driver’s seat by allowing them to offer out BNPL terms. This ensures they get paid the full amount of their invoice on day one, whilst Playter sets up an easy payment plan that spreads the cost of the invoice for their customer over 3, 6, 9 or 12 months. Paid provides a sure-fire way to help businesses make their cash go further and give back invaluable time spent chasing invoices.