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Reducing Friction for Healthcare Payments Systems

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Today, patients expect convenient payment methods and are willing to find new providers if they cannot pay how they want. What do healthcare providers need to stay competitive?

TSG and Bank of America surveyed over 650 healthcare providers in the U.S. to understand their experiences with patient payment solutions, and the need for solutions that put patients first. Download Infographic →

Key Insights
  • 72% of patients used credit or debit cards for their last healthcare payment
  • 30% of providers felt implementations of payment solution platforms in the last five years were not successful
  • HIPAA-compliance was most frequently noted as the most crucial platform feature
  • 78% of providers would feel more confident in a solution provided by a bank
Providers Want Solutions that Put Patients First

Bank of America helps healthcare providers prioritize patients’ needs, reduce payment complexity, and improve the seamlessness of their patient payment solutions while giving them the tools they need to increase efficiencies and reduce costs. Email to learn more about a solution provider’s trust. Or visit


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