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Rethinking payments and expenses to adapt to remote-work realities

Payments Dive

Organizations with a remote or hybrid workforce have found themselves reimbursing employees for a lot of business expenses (such as home-office setups) in the recent past. And with business travel on the upswing, many organizations are back to the work of collecting receipts for travel expenses so they can pay employees back. 

The work of reimbursing employees slows down the pace of business for organizations. There’s a smarter, faster way to address the reality of today’s remote-work landscape than relying on employees’ receipts. 

Virtual credit cards—though newer to the scene—equip employees to pay for business expenses anytime, anywhere. By pushing virtual credit cards to employees’ smartphones, you give them everything they need to make business purchases within your existing corporate card controls—while you gain real-time visibility into transactions and a better understanding of your operating costs.