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Risk Management and Compliance

TSG has extensive capabilities to assist clients in managing merchant portfolio risk and mitigating potential card network compliance issues.

“Esquire Bank has a long standing relationship with TSG regarding strategy and operations, including program risks and benefits. With their help, Esquire has grown the bank sponsor business to support ISOs and has become a strong advocate for the card networks on behalf of ISOs.”

Ann Marie Tarantino / SVP & CCO, Esquire Bank

Case Study: Risk Management

TSG helped a commercial bank assess their BIN program as a means to evaluate their risk profile.

Assessing Risk and Compliance

TSG actively works with clients to assess actual causes of losses, review policies and procedures to ensure protection from risk and fraud, and create streamlines to reduce costs and losses.

Approved by Visa, TSG is one of a very select few firms globally that have been deemed eligible to complete Global Acquirer Risk Standards (GARS) and Prepaid Issuer Risk Program (PIRP) reviews. As an approved vendor, TSG possesses the experience and qualifications necessary to perform thorough reviews of acquiring, prepaid, and debit operations.

  • Risk Standards and Prepaid Programs
  • Card Network Compliance
  • Sponsorship Reviews
  • High-Risk Merchant Program
  • Policies and Procedures
  • Portfolio Risk Analysis
  • Risk and Fraud Management Evaluation


Audits are rarely fun, but working with TSG was a fantastic experience. It wouldn’t be an overstatement to say that our program is better today than when we started the audit. Thank you for allowing us to tap into your payments wisdom!

Anush Amiryants SVP Payments Solutions, Commercial Bank of California