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Sightline Brands Its Proprietary Gaming Card With Visa

Digital Transactions

With sports betting and casino gambling steadily gaining prominence as a payments market, payment processors are increasingly jumping on the opportunities the market presents. In the latest development, gaming-payments specialist Sightline Payments said it will offer its Play+ card, which has attracted 1.5 million users so far, as a Visa-branded card for the first time.

The company says the move will bring Visa’s tokenization technology to the card and allow users to include the card in the company’s Mobile+  mobile app, which Sightline says has been downloaded by nearly 4 million users.

Sightline bills this latest move as part of an effort to reduce cash usage in casinos and bring more digital-payment options to users. With the new branding, the Play+ card will also be usable at any location that accepts Visa. “Leveraging modern payments solutions strengthens the relationship between the resort and its patrons. Enabling customers to use a single wallet for anything across the resort provides guests a better experience while earning loyalty for everything they do on property,” said Joe Pappano, Sightline’s co-chief executive, in a statement.

Sutton Bank and GBank will be the issuers of the Visa Play+ card.