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As a Software company, payments may be becoming part of your daily vernacular. As this occurs, TSG can support you on your journey into the payments ecosystem.

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Supporting Software

We work closely with software companies by helping inform decisions with intelligence, data, and expertise. While every project is unique and customized to fit your needs, these are a selection of services that software companies typically leverage:

Developing Strategic Roadmaps

Our expertise and deep analytics take clients from start to finish and beyond

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Payments Monetization

TSG has helped hundreds of software companies drive revenue in payments

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Merchant Acquiring Financials

AIM helps payments providers benchmark growth, attrition, and financial performance

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Payments Integrations

GEM benchmarks from the merchant, developer, and gateway performance perspective

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On-call Market Intelligence

Get the strategic support needed to guide decision-making

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Payments Education

eReports provide direct insights into the payments industry