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Splitit Launches Splitit Plus, a New Payment Gateway Built Exclusively for Installment Payments

Business Wire

Splitit, a global payment technology company (ASX:SPT), today announced the availability of Splitit Plus, a new service enabling merchants of all sizes to offer payment installments to their customers in minutes. Any merchant can now activate Splitit through the Splitit Plus gateway or any integrated gateway partner that Splitit supports worldwide.

Splitit built Splitit Plus as an integrated payment gateway for installment payments. Splitit Plus provides merchants an all-in-one platform combining Splitit’s installment payment platform with a card processing solution for the installments. Splitit Plus also saves merchants money by offering a competitive rate and combining payment processing and installment fees.

Merchants can now begin accepting installment payments faster than ever before. They can sign up directly through the Splitit Plus gateway or via one of the 90-plus integrated gateway partners currently supported by Splitit worldwide. Approval is quick, meaning merchants can offer interest and fee-free payment installments to customers in minutes.

“We created Splitit Plus with a customer-first approach to provide an exceptional merchant experience with Splitit. This innovation of a payment gateway built exclusively for installments makes it a fast, simple solution for merchants of any size to begin accepting installment payments in minutes,” noted Splitit CEO Brad Paterson.