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Stripe Eyes Its Checkouts for Consumers And Conversions for Merchants

Digital Transactions

Stripe Inc. early Monday launched a series of enhancements aimed at improving checkouts for merchants. The new features—which include one-click checkouts and a no-code A/B testing tool for businesses to evaluate how different payment methods perform—rely on pre-built user interfaces. This should allow merchants to quickly deploy the new features, as they wouldn’t have to develop the programming code themselves, Stripe says.

A so-called Payment Element within Stripe’s enhanced-checkout suite of apps uses algorithms trained on billions of data points to present consumers with what it determines to be the most relevant payment methods from more than 40 options. For example, the Payment Element could suggest to French consumers shopping in Japan that might pay with Cartes Bancaires, while suggesting local payment options to Japanese consumers.

Stripe now offers merchants access to more than 100 payment methods, including RevolutPay, Mobile Pay—a mobile-payment app popular in Denmark and Finland—bank transfers in the United States, and Swish, a payment app that enables consumers to send money to businesses or friends using their mobile phone.

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