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Daryl Seaman

Daryl Seaman

Senior Associate

Daryl has a broad range of experiences over 38 years as an Information Technology leader in the electronic payments industry. He most recently was CIO for SphereCommerce.  Prior to that, Daryl was a senior IT leader for processors First Data and TSYS. Daryl has supported issuing and acquiring business units, led some of the industry’s largest conversion projects, managed new development and support organizations, and taken three different overseas assignments for international business expansion. Daryl’s main areas of expertise include auth & capture, gateways, transaction processing, and industry compliance.

Daryl has led large organizations of over 500 developers across various technology stacks and geographic locations. He has managed organizations in 9 different countries, supporting systems in both the 3rd party processing and licensing models, and has learned how to communicate and motivate across cultural boundaries.

Through his experience and mentoring from various senior IT leaders, Daryl has developed strengths in three important areas of focus: operational excellence, large-scale conversions/integrations and organizational capability. He has always had a strong focus on operational excellence, whether it is delivering high-quality projects on time or creating efficiencies in large-scale processing operations. Daryl has led large organizations through major data conversion projects and has a proven track record in increasing an organization’s capability and capacity by improving organizational structures and accountabilities as well as through hands-on improvement of software development processes and procedures.