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Jeff Fortney

Jeff Fortney

Senior Associate

Jeff Fortney has over 28 years of experience in the payments and financial technology world working primarily with ISOs, ISAs, and ISVs. Jeff leverages his knowledge and experience to help identify areas of growth, profitability, and increased sales.

Jeff previously served as Senior Vice President at TouchSuite and Vice President Third-Party Management at Clearent.

Jeff has used his expertise to build a Sales Training program distinctively designed to increase sales, while maintaining profitability. The program has been well received by the industry and has proven to be successful in today’s environment. The goal of the training is to eliminate the use of cost savings as the reason to sign, but instead help them provide the merchant with steps that can eliminate concern, improve processing, and not pay extra for the process.

Jeff also has extensive experience in card network interchange, dues, and assessment structure. His knowledge of network rules has led to development of compliant merchant programs still being offered by various offices.

Finally, using his expertise in processing costs, he has completed in depth analyzes of ISO Residual reporting, helping them determine accuracy, while also finding holes in profitability.

Throughout his career, Jeff has written for numerous trade publications, concentrating on information that will help the ISO grow and protect their portfolio.