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Josh Istas

Josh Istas

Senior Director of Product Strategy

Josh Istas is the Senior Director of Product Strategy overseeing the strategic direction of TSG’s Acquiring Industry Metrics (AIM), Global Experience Monitoring (GEM), eReports products, and strategic partnerships. Josh believes transparent product and team synergies are paramount to organizational success.

Over the past decade, Josh grew into a payments industry advisory specialist. Collaborating with internal stakeholders and external clients, he believes analytics are the driving force behind payments evolution and excels at determining the best suited product solution for an individual or company.

Josh’s experience with big data, visual analytics, product management and leadership skills drove the launch of the AIMvision user interface. He excels at data storytelling and truly providing clarity to the complex. Currently, his focus is on strategic, operational product synergies to create a foundation for scalable growth.

Josh earned his Master of Business Administration degree from the Chaifetz School of Business at Saint Louis University and a Bachelor of Science degree in Cellular Biology with a minor in Business from the University of Kansas. Josh is an avid golfer, fantasy sports enthusiast (aka office Commissioner), and a big fan of Kansas Jayhawk Basketball. Josh lives for the intersection of sports and analytics.