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Susan Horne

Susan Horne

Senior Associate

Susan Horne is a highly skilled bank executive, proficient in presenting experienced and precise acquiring information to Board of Directors at banks on an executive management level. She assists banks, ISOs, processors and any other entity in the acquiring business with specific solutions to issues related to the payments industry. Other roles include specific expertise in areas of company and portfolio management, policies and procedures, contract research and review, ISO relations, bankcard operations, risk management, and ACH rules and management.

Horne is the former President and CEO at Redwood Merchant Services/National Bank of the Redwoods where she created an in-house bank acquiring portfolio that grew to monthly processing volume of over $450 million. Under her leadership, Redwood Merchant Services was ranked as one of the top 50 merchant processing organizations in the United States. Additionally, she has interfaced directly with members of Visa USA, MasterCard International and OCC Regulators. She maintains extensive familiarity with acquiring membership standards as well as card association rules and regulations.

Horne’s experience includes over 18 years in senior management positions within the financial services industry and of those, 16 years involved in all aspects of the merchant acquiring business. She is accomplished in bankcard operations, sales, contract negotiations, planning, budgets, scheduling, program and personnel development as well as human relations.

Executive Interview with Susan

In this interview, TSG’s Market Intelligence team sat down with TSG’s Senior Associate Susan Horne to learn more about her and her thoughts around high risk verticals and merchant acquirer’s participation in these verticals.