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Trevor Forbes

Trevor Forbes

Director of Engagement Strategy

As Director of Engagement Strategy, Trevor serves the global payments ecosystem with unique insights and problem-solving.

Trevor is a leader in TSG’s content strategy, including specialized thought leadership that showcases TSG’s expertise and story. This is bolstered by his research background.

Trevor collaborates extensively with payments professionals to build personalized project approaches that solve complex needs. Categories include market research, content for client audiences, analytics, and consulting. Trevor uses his knowledge of TSG’s rich resources to help clients reach the next level.

Trevor spent 11 years on TSG’s Market Intelligence team where his role spanned research, project management, employee development, marketing, and proposals. This team has produced hundreds of analyses covering a variety of countries for brands such as Visa, Bank of America, and JCB.

Before TSG, Trevor had marketing internships at TD Ameritrade (now within Charles Schwab) and point-of-sale provider QuikServe Solutions. Trevor graduated cum laude from the University of Nebraska Omaha, receiving a Bachelor of Science degree in business administration with a concentration in marketing. Trevor has also helped the Electronic Transactions Association with multiple education initiatives.

Don’t hesitate to contact Trevor if you’d like to collaborate on anything payments-related: