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Tech Giant Microsoft Partners With Aptos To Explore AI-Based Blockchain Applications


The AI tool will be aimed at helping developers and users to access data and research on the Aptos ecosystem, the report stated. Microsoft is one of OpenAI’s lead supporters; the tech giant has invested billions in the company to push ChatGPT and this technology into the mainstream.

The tech giant integrated ChatGPT into different products this year, including its native browser Bing. Now, the Aptos partnership will explore integrating AI, Blockchain, and the clouding services hosted by Microsoft’s Azure.

}Aptos Labs will move some of its validators to Azure. At the same time, the report added that Microsoft includes the cryptocurrency’s programming language to GitHub, called Move, while the tech company promotes its use with “large financial institutions.”

Rashmi Misra, General Manager of A.I. and emerging technologies at Microsoft stated:

The intersection of AI and blockchain is one of the most interesting combinations of emerging technologies. By fusing Aptos Labs’ technology with the Microsoft Azure Open AI Service capabilities, we aim to democratize the use of blockchain.

Mo Shaikh, co-founder, and CEO of Aptos Labs, believes that AI and blockchain technologies can work harmoniously and even mitigate the propensity for false statements. The executive told Fortune the following regarding its integration with Microsoft:

If you look at a lot of the large models out there, they’re ingesting a lot of information that may or may not necessarily be true. What a blockchain actually provides is real information, verified information (…). We didn’t want to go off onto the side and just hack something together just for the hype of A.I. We wanted that deep integration and co-development.