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The Pandemic Effect

The Pandemic Effect 01

We have continued to monitor and report on key merchant acquiring metrics from before the pandemic, through the disruption period, and now post-pandemic.

The state of key metrics →

From account size and average ticket to credit/debit mix, understanding shifting trends is critical to developing strategies and looking ahead to future changes.

Access Merchant Portfolio Data Quickly

Merchant acquirers have an overwhelming amount of data that is hard to manipulate. Plus, it’s not benchmarkable, and you don’t know how your portfolio stacks up within the market.

Sound familiar? We solved this and have revolutionized how payments companies tackle their data problems and maximize profitability. This brief video explores our query builder and recent enhancements to help improve portfolio management.

Leverage Benchmark Data in Strategy 

  • Go-to-Market Pricing
    • How do I competitively price new merchants?
  • Right Pricing to Market
    • Is there revenue potential within my portfolio?
  • Strategy Development
    • How do analytics support my strategy?
  • Comparing KPIs
    • How do I accurately track and compare performance?

You can answer these questions with AIM. Demo the platform today.

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