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The State of Chargebacks

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TSG and Chargeback Gurus have collaborated to examine the state of chargebacks, how chargebacks have changed over the past few years, and what merchants need to know.

Chargeback Transaction Sizes are Increasing →

Report Themes

  • The State of Chargebacks: Have Chargebacks Really Grown Over Last Year? In What Industries are Chargebacks Increasing?
  • Current Trends: What New Developments Are Gaining in Importance? Where Should Merchants Pay Attention?
  • How to Manage Chargebacks in 2024: What Best Practices Can Help Merchants? What are the Benefits of an AI vs. a Hybrid Approach to Managing Chargebacks? Why are Chargebacks Still So Difficult to Manage?
  • How to Learn More: What Resources are Available for Merchants?

In this report, TSG analyzed data gathered from AIM’s 4M+ card-accepting merchants across the U.S., reviewing businesses’ payments volume, transactions, and where chargebacks have occurred across industries. 

Webinar: Empowering Merchants to Safeguard Revenue
Date & Time: June 20, 2024 | 1 pm CST

Register for the upcoming webinar presented by Chargeback Gurus and in partnership with TSG, which will help merchants:

  • Identify transaction data from previous years – as well as the current year, to look for trends unique in their own industry
  • Understand the spike in chargebacks as it relates to Friendly Fraud
  • Leverage data to analyze chargebacks
  • Understand the difference in AI and Hybrid approaches to addressing chargebacks