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Tranch sets new standard for B2B Payments, unveiling next-gen solutions for Enterprises

Business Wire

Tranch, a leading B2B payments platform, has rolled out its expanded product to major enterprise clients across the US. Tranch is the only checkout platform tailored for the software and services industry with a full suite of payment options including its Pay Now, Pay by Card and Pay Later product.
Prominent enterprise clients including major law firms Paul Hastings, Wilson Sonsoni, and Gunderson Dettmer can now leverage Tranch’s secure, best-in-class payment experiences for their clients.

With Tranch’s cutting-edge technology, clients can utilize Pay Now which integrates with the Real-Time Payment Network and FedNow to accelerate transactions through authenticated payments.

Through Pay Later, Tranch has enabled its client’s customers to pay flexibly over 2 to 12 months up to $500,000. To date, Tranch has extended payment terms by 100 years improving the working capital for the enterprise CFOs and their customers.

Commenting on the developments while at Web Summit 2023 in Lisbon, Philip Kelvin, CEO of Tranch, shared, “Our commitment has always been to revolutionize the payment landscape for enterprises by transitioning them from traditional methods like checks and wires. We understand the need to ensure payments happen quickly, seamlessly and on each party’s terms. With an innovative product offering which can be implemented in 72 hours by even the largest of firms, we’re changing B2B payments for the better.”

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