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TransactionWatch: April 24th - May 4th

Transaction Watch

M&A Overview

M&A activity within the payments industry progresses this past couple weeks with the emergence of a few deal announcements. To kick things off, Shift4 announced within their first quarter earnings today (May 4th) it has acquired the POS platform, Focus POS. This acquisition supports Shift4’s existing market presence within the restaurant and hospitality space through adding more than 10,000 clients who process $15 billion in annual volume to Shift4’s platform. This deal also follows Shift4’s prior acquisition of Finaro for $525 million, which is still pending approval from European regulators. Separately, the digital customer acquisition solutions provider, Logiq, has announced their acquisition of Park Place Payments. Pending the achievement of certain milestones, this all-stock transaction is valued at more than $6 million. Park Place Payments is an Elavon ISO that processes more than $180 million in annual volume across 1,500 accounts. Park Place, which specializes in the gig economy industry, anticipates to generate over $5 million in revenue this year. This acquisition aims to build upon Logiq’s existing digital marketing platforms through the addition of payment services.

In other M&A news, Rêv Worldwide, in partnership with Searchlight Capital Partners, announced the completion of their previously announced deal to acquire Netspend from Global Payments. This deal was initially announced last August in an all-cash transaction valued at $1 billion.

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