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TransactionWatch: November 7th - November 17th

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M&A Overview

The payments industry remains resilient with M&A activity as several new deal announcements occur in the first half of November. To kick things off, the private equity firm Integrum announced this week they have completed the sale of MerchantE to Opn, a payments provider located in Southeast Asia. Integrum initially acquired MerchantE earlier this February. During this period, MerchantE has brought in new leadership and has redefined their platform as well as integrated with new ISVs. With Opn’s acquisition, the combined company will process more than $19 billion in payment volume across 20,000 businesses this year. Separately, Fortis announced their acquisition of Payment Logistics, an ISO based out of California. With this acquisition, Fortis is able to expand their embedded payment partnerships while also adding thousands of merchants to their client base. As this deal unfolds, Fortis and Payment Logistics will work toward combining their platforms into a unified offering.

In other M&A news, Worldline announced last week their intention to acquire the merchant acquiring activities of Banco Desio, a European banking group. This acquisition includes approximately 15,000 merchants processing roughly $2 billion in payment volume annually.

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