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TransactionWatch – Week of June 13th – June 17th

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M&A activity within the payments landscape evidently slowed down this past week as little movement progressed. A slowdown in M&A is suspected to occur throughout the coming months due in part to several factors, including economic woes/recession fears, ongoing global conflicts, continued supply chain issues, and more. Similarly seen throughout 2020 with the onset of COVID-19, M&A traction and deal negotiations are being put on hold until better economic outlooks appear safer and optimistic. We can expect M&A activity within the payments industry, as well as the overall global market, to slowdown throughout the remainder of Q2 and Q3. In addition to a decrease in M&A activity, stock performances from payment firms have also declined over the past few quarters as seen in TSG’s Payments Index (a record of stock performances of select public payment companies).

In other M&A news, speculation of a potential takeover of NCR continues to unfold as people familiar with the matter suggest that the company is continuing to hold discissions with potential buyers. This rumor has been circling around since early February when the company initiated a strategic internal review.