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TransactionWatch – Week of March 7th – March 11th

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M&A activity heats up around payment technology and infrastructure solutions this week with the announcements of several deals. To kick things off, PPRO has announced their acquisition of Alpha Fintech, a payments technology company geared towards portfolio analytics and merchant management for acquirers and ISOs. This acquisition enables PPRO to offer a more streamlined integration process for payment products and services as well as increase their presence across the APAC region. This deal is expected to close later this month. Separately, NCR announced this week their acquisition of the intellectual property for opening banking from Spoke Technologies. This deal largely accelerates NCR’s digital banking technology while also adding additional integration capabilities to their underlining platform.

In other M&A news, Visa announced the completion of its acquisition of Tink, an open banking platform the provides connectivity to financial institutions, fintechs, and merchants. Tink has developed integrations with more than 3,400 banks and financial institutions across the European region. With the completion of this deal, Visa is seeking to expand Tink’s connectivity to over 15,000 financial institutions globally. Visa initially announced this acquisition in June 2021 for a total consideration of approximately $2.15 billion.